What should I do first when moving to Germany?

What should I do first when moving to Germany
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If you moved to Germany, then you will not be able to immediately buy a car or get a residence permit. Each country has its own nuances and necessary documents.

What document do you need to get?

What document do you need to get
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Anmeldung or Meldebescheinigung, it is also a residence permit — the most important document in the German bureaucracy, without it you will not conclude any other contract, you will not open a bank account, etc. It turns out to be in Rathaus at the place of residence, sometimes this place is also called Bürgerbüro or Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR), depending on how big the city in which you live is. Usually, you have 2 weeks from the moment of arrival to register, then you can collect a fine. But now it can be done online by going to the meldebescheinigung.eu, you will learn more detailed information.

To obtain a certificate of registration, you usually need:

  • an internal passport for German citizens. Foreign passport for foreigners: with a valid visa or with a residence permit in the country, if the conditions of stay in Germany require it;
  • a completed registration form (Anmeldeformular);
  • confirmation from the landlord of the housing (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung);
  • housing lease agreement;
  • to register all family members (in a single certificate of registration), it is necessary to submit marriage certificates and birth certificates of children.

Where will this document be needed?

certificate of registration
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Meldebescheinigung has to be presented quite often: when moving from one place of residence to another, when registering divorces, marriages, bank accounts, various kinds of insurance, driver’s licenses, employment, registration of social and student benefits, and the like.

Get a Blue Card

To get a Blue Card or a work visa, since you are only given a type D national visa for three months — for this you need to contact the Ausländerbehörde (ABH) at your place of residence. The process is usually quick and painless, since your documents have already been checked, you only need to get a pasting in your passport or you can request a plastic card.

Open a bank account

This is an important moment for receiving a salary. To do this, you need just a Meldebescheinigung and a passport. You can choose any bank that you like.

Get insurance
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Get insurance

To do this, you need to choose any state insurance company (from the popular TC, AOK) and come to them with a passport, Meldebescheinigung and a work contract.

After completing this document, you will be able not only to purchase a car, but also to issue a driver’s license and insurance.

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