Obtaining a Driver’s License in The United Kingdom

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Passing the driving license exam in the UK does not require taking any courses: you can prepare for it either with any acquaintance who has more than three years of driving experience, or with a professional instructor who can be found in the database.

Before getting behind the wheel, you need to get a temporary driver’s license.

To pass the driver’s exam in the UK, it is recommended to roll out at least 30 hours of practical training.

Theoretical test for obtaining a driver’s license in England

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The test consists of:

  • 50 multiple choice questions;
  • hazard perception: videos simulating the situation on the road.

You can prepare for the exam using textbooks or the official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) application.

You need to book the test date on the official website.

After passing this test, you have two years to pass the practical part of the exam in England. If you do not have time to do this in two years, then you will have to take the theory again. Therefore, such a service as the search for Driving test cancellations may be useful to you. In order not to waste time, you can entrust this matter to professionals. This way you can get a driver’s license faster.

Practical test for obtaining a driver’s license in England

Within an hour you will have to drive around the city with an instructor, performing various tasks:

  • Vision check;
  • “Show me, tell me” – general questions about car safety;
  • Driving on the streets;
  • Manoeuvres;
  • Independent driving along the route set by the examiner.

Booking of the test is also available on the official website.

The process of applying for a driver’s license

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While you are looking for an instructor and start riding around the city, you can immediately register for the theoretical test. It is not difficult to prepare for it: the official application has a database of questions that can be solved a couple of times.

Another type of exam assignments in the UK: hazard perception. They show you little videos from the first person, and you have to click on the screen every time there is any danger. For example, you need to see in advance that a car is leaving from behind the fence, because its antenna is visible.

The biggest problem at this stage is the rational use of time. Registration for the driving test in the UK is always a long time, and it’s good if you immediately come across an instructor who will tell you to go take the theory rather. Otherwise, until you sign up for one exam, a month will pass in anticipation. Then you will stand in a virtual queue to take a practical test – this is another month or 3 months. In parallel, there may be problems with driving: then you have sudden affairs, then the instructor will get sick. Reschedule classes, then reschedule the exam. All this may take six months, but it can really be cut in half if, again, you go to take the test on time and use the service to search for cancelled bookings.

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