Were there any limited edition models of the Ford Capri?

Ford Capri Mk1
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The Ford Capri is a classic sports coupe that was produced by Ford Motor Company between 1969 and 1986. Widely recognized for its iconic design and superb performance, the Capri was a popular car in its heyday and remains a beloved vintage model among automotive enthusiasts. Throughout its production years, Ford released various trims and models of the Capri, including a number of limited edition versions that added an extra touch of exclusivity and allure to this already captivating vehicle.

One notable limited edition Capri was the Ford Capri 3000S, also known as the “X-Pack Capri.” This model was introduced in 1976, near the end of the Capri Mk II’s production run. The 3000S came with a range of performance upgrades, including a fuel-injected version of the 3.0-liter V6 engine, resulting in enhanced power and improved acceleration. It also featured upgraded suspension, wider wheels, and distinctive side skirts, giving the car a more aggressive and sporty appearance. With only 197 examples produced, the Capri 3000S became highly sought after among collectors.

In 1982, as the Capri transitioned to its Mk III version, Ford unveiled another limited edition model called the Capri 2.8 Injection Special. This edition showcased a number of unique features, such as a front air dam, rear spoiler, and quad headlights. It also boasted a fuel-injected 2.8-liter V6 engine, which delivered impressive performance figures for the time. The production of this model was limited to just 1,000 units, making it a rare find today and highly coveted by Capri enthusiasts.

Continuing its tradition of limited edition offerings, Ford released the Capri Turbo Technics in 1984. This variant featured a turbocharged 2.8-liter V6 engine, resulting in a considerable power increase over the standard Capri models. The vehicle also received revised suspension and brake systems to cope with the added performance. With only 200 examples produced, the Capri Turbo Technics became a sought-after model among performance car enthusiasts.

Apart from these notable limited edition models, Ford also released a few other special editions of the Capri. These included variants such as the Laser, Calypso, Brooklands, Tickford, and others. Each had its own unique design elements, ranging from special paint finishes and trim combinations to additional features and enhancements. Although not as rare as the aforementioned limited editions, these models still offer something distinct for those seeking a more exclusive Capri ownership experience.

In conclusion, Ford did release several limited edition models of the iconic Capri throughout its production years. These special editions, such as the Capri 3000S, Capri 2.8 Injection Special, and Capri Turbo Technics, offered enhanced performance, unique styling cues, and limited production numbers, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. The Ford Capri with its limited edition models continues to captivate car enthusiasts, a testament to its enduring popularity and iconic status in the automotive world.

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