What were some popular features or options available for the Ford Popular?

Ford Popular 100E
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The Ford Popular, also known as the Ford Pop or Ford Prefect, was a popular car model manufactured by Ford in the United Kingdom between 1953 and 1962. Despite its simple design and modest price tag, the Ford Popular offered a variety of features and options that made it a sought-after vehicle for many drivers at the time. Let’s explore some of the popular features and options available for this iconic car.

1. Engine Choices: The Ford Popular was initially introduced with a side-valve 1.2-liter inline-four engine that produced 30 horsepower. However, in 1959, an upgrade was made available in the form of a 1.0-liter overhead-valve engine, known as the “Kent” engine. This more powerful engine option increased the car’s performance and brought more enjoyment to its drivers.

2. Float-On Air Cushion Suspension: The Ford Popular introduced a unique suspension system called “Float-On Air Cushion Suspension” in 1959. This innovative feature utilized a rubber bladder filled with air for each wheel, dramatically improving the car’s ride comfort and handling. It reduced vibrations and road impact, providing a smoother experience for the driver and passengers.

3. Deluxe Trim Level: In addition to the standard base model, Ford also offered a deluxe trim level for those looking for a more premium experience. The deluxe version featured chrome trim accents, dual-tone paint options, upgraded interior upholstery, and chrome-plated wheel trims, giving the car a more stylish and sophisticated appearance.

4. Optional Heater and Demister: The Ford Popular offered an optional heater and demister, which was a rare luxury during that era. This feature allowed occupants to stay warm and comfortable during colder weather conditions, ensuring a pleasant driving experience even in winter.

5. Dual-Tone Color Schemes: The Ford Popular presented various dual-tone or contrasting color options to add a touch of personalization for its buyers. This unique customization option allowed owners to choose from a range of color combinations, making their Ford Pop stand out from the crowd.

6. Upgraded Interior: Although the Popular was known for its simplicity, Ford made some improvements to the interior over the years. Optional upgrades included better quality materials, improved seating and upholstery, and even additional sound insulation to make the cabin more comfortable and enjoyable for long drives.

7. Sliding Sunroof: Another popular option available for the Ford Popular was a sliding sunroof. This feature allowed drivers and passengers to experience the open-air feeling of driving without fully retracting the roof. It added a sense of freedom and an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air during the summer months.

Overall, the Ford Popular offered a range of features and options that appealed to various customers. Whether it was the more powerful engine, enhanced suspension, deluxe trim packages, or practical additions like heaters and sunroofs, buyers had ample choices to customize their Ford Pop according to their preferences and budget. This affordable yet versatile car became a beloved classic in the UK, thanks in part to the numerous features and options it offered during its production years.

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