Why Ford Transit?

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If you want to rent a car, then Ford transit lease will be the best solution. Why? Because this car has excellent technical characteristics.

Ford Transit is a family of cargo vans, flatbed vehicles, minibuses and chassis manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. For the past 40 years, Ford Transit has been Europe’s most sought-after light commercial vehicle. Since 1965, the brand has produced over 6 million models of the series, based on 4 different platforms, updated several times.

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Ford Transit has a 4×2 wheel formula and a semi-bonneted layout. The engine is located in front of the longitudinal. The rear wheels are driving. Depending on the modification, various versions of the chassis are available for Ford Transit. The most common option is a front independent spring suspension with or without anti-roll bar and shock absorbers and a rear dependent suspension on longitudinal semi-elliptical springs, supplemented by telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and an anti-roll bar (options without it are present).


Ford Transit is supplied to many countries’ market with 2 transmission options:

  • 5-speed manual transmission;
  • 6-speed manual transmission.

Synchronizers are provided for all speeds, the last speed is boost. The first gear is short, the second is “retracted”. Due to this, the loaded car rises up at a speed of 5 km / h. The operation of the transmission is close to the operation of Ford Mondeo gearbox. The latest versions of Ford Transit are equipped with a Durashift 6-speed manual transmission with an increased service life. More info can be found at official dealers and leasing representatives.


For steering, a hydraulic booster is provided. The hinges are at the ends of the rack, which makes the steering rods short. The angle of rotation is small, the number of revolutions is 3.3.

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Brake system

On earlier versions of Ford Transit, drum and disc brakes are installed. The latest variations use exclusively disc brakes for all wheels. The main brake system is a 2-circuit hydraulic system with electronic force distribution, a vacuum booster and a diagonal division into circuits. The vehicle is equipped with ABS as standard. The auxiliary braking device is the circuit of the main system with a mechanical drive to the elements.


The classic version of the Ford Transit is equipped with a cab for 3 people. A double cab is also available. The interior includes all the devices necessary for normal operation. Individual settings of the seat and steering wheel allow you to feel comfortable when moving over long distances.

Security systems

Ford Transit is rightfully considered one of the safest cars in category M. ISOFIX child restraints in passenger seats, airbags, start assist, BTCS function, 3-point seat belts and road stability system guarantee maximum protection on the road. In the basic version there is an emergency braking system and Traction Control.

The front area of the car deserves special attention. Here, computer-aided design technologies are used to adjust the deformation of the body upon impact. Due to this, the area of damage upon impact is reduced.

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