Why Make a Dechrome Car?

volvo dechroming process
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The arsenal of materials and methods of detailing centres allows you to fulfil any desires of fans of cosmetic car tuning. To highlight the car in the traffic flow, car owners order the installation of aerodynamic or off-road body kits, fancy airbrushing drawings. The matte film makes the car look like a lump of grey or black metal. On such a body, chrome parts stand out with a bright shine that is not suitable for styling purposes. Car users often have questions about what dechrome is on a car, what are the advantages of a decorative coating, and why it is needed.

Car dechrome: details and technologies

tesla dechrome
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As a rule, dechrome car is used in combination with body matting. Chrome-plated accessories that should not stand out on the body include:

  • mouldings (decorative linings);
  • brand badges, inscriptions;
  • cladding of the radiator grille, window openings;
  • Shiny door handles.

Fans of full tuning paste dechrome film over even the wheels of the car. It is impossible to paint decorative details with a galvanic chrome coating, therefore a thin layer of chromium is removed from them (chemical compositions are used). After that, the parts are putty, sanded, painted with matte enamel, varnished in car detailing near me centre.

porche after detailing
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It is quite difficult to make dechrome with your own hands. It is impossible to remove chrome by chemical methods and paint brand logos and nameplates with matte paint in garage conditions. Gluing of details with a matte dechrome film also requires skills and practical skills.


Its essence is to remove chrome from the car body by either painting or pasting with vinyl film so that the element changes its original colour. Chrome details add shine to the car, reflect light, but not all owners like it. Many people prefer a more restrained and conservative style, so, as a rule, we design the elements in black gloss.

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