Can a Car Be Replaced by an Electric Scooter?

the main part of scooter
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the main part of scooter
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Gradually, cars began to be replaced by another type of transport – electric scooters.

In the past couple of years, sales of electric vehicles have grown by a quarter compared to the beginning of their use, and the popularity of iscooter ix5 electric scooter continues to grow.

You do not need parking for your electric scooter

With a lock, your scooter can be parked anywhere. But if you still worry about its safety, you can bring it to the office or house.

It is really hard to find a parking space for your car, both in the city center and in residential areas. Moreover, you should pay for parking in many places.

You do not have to wait in a traffic jam on an electric scooter

Motorists wait nearly 90 hours a year in a traffic jam – almost four days. With an compact electric scooters you can easily ride on crowded streets – you just need to ride iscooter i9 electric scooter on the sidewalk or bike paths as it is easy to maneuver between pedestrians.

i5 iscooter
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Two scooters are better for joint trips

Here the championship is with the car: it is unsafe to ride an electric scooter together. Most models are designed for a maximum weight of up to 100 kg and the device may break.

Is electric transport environmentally friendly?

While car manufacture, 7 tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere. During the production of an electric scooter only 1% is emitted. In addition, you don’t need gas for its usage.

Is the car faster, or does it just seem?

In the city, the iScooter speeds up to 15-25 km/h. The average speed of the car is about 30 km/h, despite the fact that the car drives faster on a normal road without traffic jams. The fact is that stopping at traffic lights, traffic interference, driving on the adjacent territory, standing in traffic jams affect the average speed.

E-scooter is easier to care for

Car owners pay for gasoline,  maintenance, repairs, insurance, washing and transport tax. To care for an electric device is easier and cheaper: you just need to charge it from a power outlet, wash it regularly and, if necessary, tighten the bolts.

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Can you ride an electric scooter in the rain?

Despite the fact that some electric scooters can be ridden in the rain, and if you install the right tires, even in the snow, the devices do not protect passengers from bad weather. A car in bad weather is a more comfortable choice.

Final verdict

Formally, the electric scooter wins by a margin. But still, when choosing the right transport, you should focus primarily on your needs. For long trips or in bad weather, it is better to use a car. A scooter is useful for riding in the city in good weather: it is more compact, cheaper, more maneuverable and will not get stuck in a traffic jam at the unwished time.

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