Almost a Car

sextuple shocks of iscooter
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sextuple shocks of iscooter
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Is it possible to compare a car and an electric scooter? Of course you can, if you really think about buying a second one.

Significantly cheaper

Entry-level iscooter ix5 electric scooter is a great way to save on gas for your personal car or car sharing. If you do not take into account the purchase of an electric scooter, then charging it will be significantly cheaper than the cost of gasoline transport. In large cities, morning and evening traffic is arranged in such a way that in most cases the car engine constantly consumes fuel and there is no need to talk about reducing fuel consumption.

The figures for fuel consumption in the city are also based on the included consumers: the climate system, lighting, music, therefore, in some cases, fuel consumption and, as a result, the cost of its purchase may differ.

powerful engine
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Entry-level iscooter i9 electric scooter, which is usually bought to get acquainted with this transport, will save money on gasoline. In addition to regular charging of the scooter, you may need a metro pass or a transport card for several types of transport, but even in this case you can talk about serious savings.

Such an electric scooter can satisfy office needs to move from one end of the city to the other only in central regions, cities with developed underground and surface transport. In the regions, getting from home to work will only work if the place of work is within a radius of four to five kilometers. This transport is suitable for those who are tired of many hours of traffic jams or want to teach their child to move independently from home to school and back – the costs are small, and mobility increases significantly.

Maybe out of town

Prices for iScooter with a range of up to 15 kilometers start higher. The main difference from budget models in such electric scooters is a high-capacity battery. As a rule, models of this price segment are equipped with 4000-6000 mAh batteries, which is quite suitable not only for trips to the metro and the office, but also for quick and comfortable walks. Such scooters are universal and suitable for most tasks in the city.

characteristics of iscooter
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You can buy more serious equipment. For this money, electric scooters are available with a range of up to 30–35 kilometers and a 7500 mAh battery. This technique goes much faster – unlike entry-level and mid-level scooters, scooters with a high-capacity battery and a drive to only one rear wheel can accelerate the owner to a speed of 30-40 kilometers per hour, which is approximately comparable to the average speed in the morning metropolis.

The highest price goes to more serious, aggressive electrical equipment. Most of these electric scooters are equipped with a powerful battery of 20-25 AH and two electric motors with a capacity of more than a kilowatt – one for each wheel. As a result, a “four-wheel drive” scooter can accelerate to 60 kilometers per hour in ten to eleven seconds, while the power reserve can reach 50-70 kilometers.

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