Does the Silver Spirit come with modern safety features, such as airbags?

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit
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The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit is a luxury car par excellence, a symbol of glamor, comfort and the penultimate echelon of social status. However, for the modern consumer, safety has become as important as prestige when it comes to choosing the right vehicle. This article seeks to address the question: Does the Silver Spirit come with modern safety features, specifically airbags?

The Silver Spirit, unveiled by Rolls Royce in 1980, was a significant advancement in terms of technological sophistication and design enhancements. It was a striking embodiment of luxury, sophistication and unparalleled comfort that has characterized Rolls Royce vehicles for over a century. However, when it comes to modern safety features, especially airbags, it’s crucial to consider the production year and model of your specific Silver Spirit car.

Given its origins in the pre-airbag era, the Silver Spirit was not originally equipped with airbags. The primary model, which was in production from 1980 to 1989, didn’t include this now standard safety feature. The same was the case for the Series II, produced from 1989 to 1993, where airbags were still not part of the standard package.

It was only with the introduction of the Series III in 1993 that the Silver Spirit saw an increase in its safety standards. This model, also known as the Silver Spur III, incorporated driver-side airbags. Later versions, such as the Silver Spirit IV and the final series, the Silver Dawn (produced from 1996 to 1998), continued to uphold these higher safety standards, also incorporating passenger-side airbags.

In all these models, Rolls Royce never compromised on its commitment to providing a smooth and comfortable driving experience, ensuring that despite the increasing use of technology and safety features, the Silver Spirit retained the hand-built quality and classic elegance that the brand was known for.

Apart from airbags, several other safety features were also added to the later models of the Silver Spirit. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) was incorporated as standard on all models from the Series II onward. They also had advanced suspension systems to ensure better road handling and passenger comfort.

Despite these enhancements, it needs to be stated that safety features in the Silver Spirit aren’t as comprehensive as you’d find in contemporary vehicles. Vehicles manufactured in present-day come with enhanced safety measures such as side and curtain airbags, electronic stability programs, and advanced traction control systems.

In conclusion, it would be incorrect to claim that all Silver Spirit models come with the provision of airbags. Only the models produced during the latter half of the 90s can boast this feature. Hence, while the Silver Spirit excels in terms of classic luxury and refinement, it may not measure up to current safety standards and expectations. Nevertheless, the later models did make strides in incorporating safety measures, signifying Rolls Royce’s commitment to evolving with the times and constantly striving to deliver superiority in every aspect of its vehicles.

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