Electric Scooter as a Universal Vehicle for the Family

brakes and features of iscooter
Image by iscooterglobal.co.uk
brakes and features of iscooter
Image by iscooterglobal.co.uk

Buying a car is too expensive, but you want some kind of transport for your family? Buy an electric scooter!

Electric scooter is a vehicle that can be called almost universal. Light in weight, easy to transport, not dependent on traffic jams, it has long been a faithful assistant in many European families. And when it became known that riding an iscooter ix5 electric scooter is also good for health, sales of devices around the world jumped up at all.

A bit of history

The official date for the creation of a two-wheeled scooter is considered to be 1817, when the German engineer Karl von Dresz invented an amazing “walking machine” for those times. It looked like a bicycle without pedals. The design, known today as the “runbike”, is experiencing a rebirth today. Meanwhile, the first mention of a board with wheels dates back to 1761: it was then that the carriage master from Germany, Michael Kassler, first put a beam on two wheels. The appearance of the product changed, metal and wood were replaced by light, durable polymers, and in 1991, electric scooters made a grand breakthrough.

led headlights of iscooter
Image by iscooterglobal.co.uk

Electric scooters – what are they for?

The biggest misconception that has not yet completely disappeared from the minds of many people is that iscooter i9 electric scooter is just a toy for schoolchildren and teenagers. However, in developed countries, people have long understood that an electric scooter is the most convenient means of transportation, with which you can also easily improve your health. Therefore, for example, Europeans are happy to use electric scooters for a variety of needs.

Electric scooters for health

In addition to the transport function, iScooter was able to have a very beneficial effect on the state of the body.

As a result, absolutely anyone who has included daily rides on an electric scooter in their regimen can significantly improve their health: improve posture, reduce stress on the joints and burn a lot of calories.

person on the scooter
Image by iscooterglobal.co.uk

Is there any harm: debunking myths

Many adults, having read unverified articles on the Internet, are in no hurry to please the child with a fashionable device that their peers have. But this gives rise to complexes that bring much more harm. In fact, an active lifestyle is extremely beneficial and should be encouraged by parents, teachers, and doctors.

The benefits are obvious

But there are undoubtedly more undeniable advantages from driving. Physiologists, surgeons, orthopedists are unanimous: there are benefits from ride on scooter for both adults and children. You can get on a three-wheeled scooter from the age of 2: an active lifestyle helps the proper formation of a growing body. This means of transportation is less traumatic than rollers or a skateboard, and it also involves almost all the muscles of the upper and lower body. In addition, the child develops coordination, improves reaction, strengthens the vestibular apparatus.

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