How many DB6 models were produced?

Aston Martin DB6
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Introduced in 1965, the Aston Martin DB6 is considered one of the most iconic and sought-after luxury grand tourers of its time. With its elegant design, powerful engine, and impressive performance, it quickly became a favorite among car enthusiasts and collectors alike. But just how many DB6 models were produced?

The production numbers of the DB6 were relatively low compared to other luxury car manufacturers, which only adds to its exclusivity and allure. From 1965 to 1970, Aston Martin built a total of 1,788 DB6 models, making it one of the rarest Aston Martin models ever made.

The production figures for the DB6 are divided into three distinct series. The initial series, known as the DB6 (Mark 1), was produced from 1965 until mid-1966. During this period, Aston Martin built around 460 units of the DB6 Mark 1, making it the most common variant of the three.

Following the DB6 Mark 1, Aston Martin introduced several refinements to the car and released the DB6 (Mark 2) in late 1966. The Mark 2 featured improvements such as increased rear legroom, revised front suspension, and other minor changes. Approximately 530 units of the DB6 Mark 2 were produced before it was superseded by the final variant.

The last and most exclusive variant of the DB6 was the DB6 Volante, a convertible version introduced in 1966. With only 140 units produced, the DB6 Volante is highly coveted by collectors due to its rarity and open-top driving experience. The Volante featured a powered convertible top and retained most of the Mark 2’s improvements.

The production of all DB6 models ceased in 1970 to make room for the introduction of the DBS model. While the DB6’s production numbers may seem relatively low, it is essential to understand that Aston Martin positioned itself as a boutique, luxury car manufacturer, focusing on quality and craftsmanship rather than mass production.

Due to the limited numbers produced, finding an original and well-preserved DB6 in today’s market can be quite challenging. Collectors and enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium for these timeless pieces of automotive history, and they continue to retain their value exceptionally well.

In conclusion, Aston Martin produced a total of 1,788 DB6 models across its three series. Each variant contributed to the DB6’s legendary reputation, and today, these cars are revered for their beauty, performance, and exclusivity. Whether as an investment or a passion project, owning a DB6 is a dream come true for many automobile aficionados.

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