Aston Martin DB6

Aston Martin DB6
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Certain cars have a great history. There are many old car models which deserve to be taken in a list of the most amazing automobiles of all time. In 1970 a good example of a sports vehicle was the Aston Martin DB6. This series of automobiles also was used in films. James Bond is one of the most popular of them. Such a decision of film directors is absolutely justified as these models have not only good characteristics which in that time were extraordinary but beautiful and innovative design that includes improvement like a spoiler at the rear part of the body. The main character of the film required to use modern and fast car as the role was special and any other variants looked unnatural.


Vintage models of auto are not very competitive from the point of its power on the background of modern ones, but still could allow the driver to enjoy the trip. Engineers put a lot of effort to make this variant of vehicle drivable and if compare DB5 vs DB6 there are some changes for which people were ready to pay ignoring the size of the price.

Here these differences:

  • the new car was longer (1.9 inches), and lighter (about 11 pounds);
  • the engine of the classic DB6 for sale could be with a little bit lower performance (close to 40 horsepower) if not considering special and very rare editions;
  • the fresh model wasn’t presented in 2-door shooting brake modification but was available as a 2-door convertible.

This classics example of the automobile allows driving at a speed slightly higher than 140 miles per hour. Automatic transmission was one of the distinctive options, and despite it had just three speeds the performance completely satisfied car’s fans. It was a very technological solution for that time not only for UK car makers but for producers all over the world.


First of all this is a grand tourer type of the vehicle so for the owner of such an auto were available experience of brilliant performance and luxury comfort. Vintage cars are usually big and this example isn’t exception. There is enough space to travel thousands of miles relatively comfortably. High roof and big distance between the pedals and the seat make any journey simple. Space for passengers at the back was also considered during the creation of the car. Big front windshield shows the road well. This model is usually equipped with a powerful air conditioning system. Special attention was paid to seats. After redesign they become better at supporting the driver. Some solutions related to the front grill also improved the oil cooling process.

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