How many Jaguar XK150 models were produced during its production years?

Jaguar XK150
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The Jaguar XK150 is a sports car that was produced by the British company, Jaguar, between 1957 and 1961. Not only did it succeed the legendary XK140, but also it represented the third iteration of the original XK series, known for the purity of its design, breathtakingly sophisticated lines, and superior performance. It remains, to this day, a much-prized classic car loved by enthusiasts all around the globe.

Determining the exact number of Jaguar XK150 models produced over its production years can be a daunting task due to the existence of a few special editions and the absence of definitive production records. However, based on available historical data, it is generally accepted that approximately 9,395 units of the XK150 model were produced in total.

This total production is broken down into three principal body style versions: the Roadster, also known as the Drophead Coupe, the Fixed Head Coupe, and the Open Two Seater. The Fixed Head Coupe variant is considered the most frequently produced version, accounting for approximately 4,445 units. The Drophead Coupe iteration followed with 2,672 units, while the Open Two Seater, which was the final and somewhat rare version, accounted for approximately 2,265 units.

This production data becomes more interesting when one considers the different specifications under which the XK150 was produced. Initially, the model was powered by a 3.4-litre engine, but later, Jaguar introduced a curated model called ‘S’ that was produced both in 3.4-litre and a larger 3.8-litre version. The ‘S’ variant housed a triple-carburettor setup, increasing the horsepower and offering more speed to the driver.

The production of these ‘S’ variants was rather limited, with only 888 of this configuration for the 3.4-litre engine and a more rare 282 pieces for the 3.8-litre darting out of the production line. These figures are reminders of the exclusivity and uniqueness of the Jaguar XK150 ‘S’, which are now considered rare classic collectibles, fetching immense values at car auctions worldwide.

The Jaguar XK150 model’s production halt occurred in 1961, making way for the new E-type sports car. Despite its termination, the XK150 model set a new standard for performance and luxury in the sports car market which, undeniably, has shaped the designs of Jaguar’s future models.

In retrospect, over the span of its four-year production, the Jaguar XK150 has emerged as an icon, being the epitome of British automotive engineering at its finest. The limited production quantity of its models, especially the ‘S’ variants, further amplifies its peculiarity, fostering an enduring appeal among car enthusiasts and collectors. To conclude, while the production of the Jaguar XK150 may have been brief and its numbers limited, its impact in the realm of classic sports cars remains truly immeasurable.

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