How many models of the Volkswagen Beetle exist today?

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The Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic car that has been an emblem of the Volkswagen brand for decades. The first model of this classic car was introduced on the hallowed avenues of automotive history in 1938. Ever since then, this car’s charming shape and potent performance have created a passionate community of Beetle enthusiasts globally. However, over the years, the model has metamorphosed, evolved, and adapted to the trending demands and technologies of the automotive industry, leading to the creation of numerous models. But, how many models of the Volkswagen Beetle exist today? To answer this query, let’s dive into defining the Volkswagen Beetle models available in the recent auto market.

Despite the cessation of the Beetle’s production in 2019, the models that initially debuted still hold a significant place in the market today. The present models of the Volkswagen Beetle primarily include the Classic Beetle, New Beetle, and Beetle Convertible, available in diverse trims.

The Classic Beetle, originally known as the Type 1, was the first model introduced and served as a phenomenon that entrenched Volkswagen into the hearts of car enthusiasts. While the original Classic Beetle units aren’t manufactured today, thousands of these units exist due to preservation, restoration, and the model’s sheer popularity.

The New Beetle, launched in 1997, marked the resurrection of the Beetle lineup. It was a modern interpretation of the Classic Beetle, offering a front engine and front-wheel drive compared to the rear-engine, rear-wheel drive setup of the Classic. It featured a more rounded look, safety upgrades, and improved handling. The second generation of the New Beetle debuted in 2011 simply under the name ‘Beetle,’ shedding the ‘New,’ and saw an increased emphasis on a sportier, more masculine design, trying to shun the ‘cute’ image.

The Beetle Convertible came into existence alongside the New Beetle, giving car fans the pleasure of an open-top ride in a Beetle. It provides the same features as the Beetle but with an automated, easy-to-operate fabric top. This model experienced similar evolutions as the New Beetle over the years.

The Volkswagen Beetle also offers multiple trims within these models for individuals seeking feature diversity and customizability. These trims include the classic SE, Final Edition SE and SEL all with unique specifications and luxuries.

Albeit, the production of new Volkswagen Beetles ceased in July 2019, the various models still conspicuously exist. While there have been rumours of a potential electric reboot of the Beetle hovering in the air, Volkswagen has yet to confirm this venture.

In summary, the Volkswagen Beetle, over the decades, has seen a remarkable evolution that epitomizes the progressive trajectory of the automotive industry. The models inspire nostalgia while donning a modern cloak to align with the current trends. Currently, especially the Classic Beetle, the New Beetle, and the Beetle Convertible represent the models of the Volkswagen Beetle that exist, resplendently continuing to be preferred choices among car enthusiasts and collectors around the globe.

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