How many units of the Jaguar E-Type Series III were manufactured?

Jaguar E-Type (XKE) Series III
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The Jaguar E-Type, widely considered an European automotive icon, has fascinated car enthusiasts worldwide with its remarkable design, performance, and astonishing beauty. In its entirety, the production of this model spanned nearly 15 years, through three series: Series I, II, and III, from 1961 to 1975. Each series brought its range of alterations and updates, although arguably not impacting its classic elegance. However, a particular focus of interest is the last in its line, the Jaguar E-Type Series III, designed with the addition of a V12 engine. Delving into the depths of automotive history, let’s explore the number of units of the Jaguar E-Type series III that were manufactured by the prestigious British manufacturer.

Introduced in 1971, the Jaguar E-Type Series III was designed to reinvigorate the interest in the model lineup, attempting to give the vehicle a fitting send-off after a decade of success. Featuring multiple aesthetic and performance upgrades, the Series III stood out for the new powerful V12 engine, offering improved performance and driving experience, particularly at high speeds.

When it comes to production numbers, according to Jaguar Heritage Trust, a total of 15,287 units of the Jaguar E-Type Series III were manufactured during its production run from 1971 to 1975. Available in two body styles – the 2+2 coupe and the convertible (also known as a Roadster), the Series III had a majority of its production made in the roadster form. Out of the total unit production, 7,297 units were roadsters and the remaining 7,990 were 2+2 coupe versions.

These numbers not only illustrate the model’s popularity for its time but also stress this particular series’s significance in the entirety of Jaguar’s illustrious history. The Series III production made up a significant proportion of the total production of the E-Type, which was just above 72,500.

It’s worthy to note that the production of the E-Type was not confined to the UK. Some units were specifically made for the U.S markets considering their left-hand driving standard. Thus, the end numbers for the Jaguar E-Type Series III encompass units manufactured for both domestic and international markets.

The Series III was the crowning glory of the E-Type range with the inclusion of the V12 engine, and despite being in production for only four years, it was produced in substantial numbers. Even today, the Series III is highly sought after by classic car enthusiasts and collectors, offering a thrilling V12 coupled with the iconic styling of the E-Type.

In conclusion, the story of the Jaguar E-Type Series III is framed by the production of 15,287 unique units, a testament to its enduring appeal and its significant role in carving the path for future iterations of Jaguar’s high-performance sports cars.

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