How much does a well-preserved Jaguar E-Type Series III cost today?

Jaguar E-Type (XKE) Series III
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If you’re an automobile enthusiast—particularly if you’re a fan of classic, elegant speed machines—you’re likely aware of the timeless allure of the Jaguar E-Type Series III. Known widely for its combination of high performance and substantial style, the Series III is particularly renowned as one of the most distinctive sports cars from the global automobile industry’s classic age.

Today, we delve into the financial aspect of this motoring icon—how much does a well-preserved Jaguar E-Type Series III cost in today’s market?

Before we dive in, we must acknowledge that the cost of such classic cars can wildly vary based on a number of factors, including but not limited to, the vehicle’s condition, originality, provenance, rarity, and any restoration work it has undergone.

The Jaguar E-Type Series III was introduced in 1971, marking the final significant revision to the famed E-Type range. Its most distinguishing feature was the aggressive and brawny V12 engine which separated it from the previous series I and II. The Series III was designed for a transcontinental kind of performance, and today, it still stands as a striking embodiment of elegance, raw power, and remarkable drivability.

Now, let’s talk prices. According to various classic car auction data and reports from prominent luxury brokers like Hemmings and Classic Driver, the price range for a well-preserved Jaguar E-Type Series III can be broad. To give you a clearer picture, less than pristine models can start at around $60,000-$70,000, while those in excellent condition could range anywhere between $90,000 to $150,000. Flawlessly preserved convertibles and limited edition models may demand prices that climb significantly higher, even exceeding $200,000.

For instance, classic car insurance company Hagerty, known for its accurate valuation tool, reports that in 2021, the median auction sale price for a 1971 Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 in concours or near-mint condition was around $92,000. A similar car in excellent condition was valued just above $70,000, while those in good to fair condition fetched approximately $60,000 to $66,000.

On the other end of the spectrum, an immaculate, low-mileage Series III E-Type was reportedly sold for a bullet-biting $315,000 at RM Sotheby’s 2021 Arizona auction, highlighting the potentially exorbitant value of such classic models when in perfect condition.

Remember, however, that these figures are representative averages. Rarer specimens, such as the exclusive Series III Commemorative editions or those with significant historical provenance, are likely to command an even higher premium.

In conclusion, if you’re looking at securing a well-preserved Jaguar E-Type Series III, it’s safe to budget a minimum of $60,000. However, for a top-condition example, be prepared to part ways with anything in excess of $100,000. Even then, given the rarity and enduring legacy of these automobiles, the satisfaction of owning a piece of automotive history may well prove to be priceless.

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