Interesting Option For Off-Road Transport

person standing on circooter bike
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person standing on circooter bike
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You are thinking about buying a scooter, but every time you stop, telling yourself that a scooter is useful only in the city, you can’t get far without a hard road surface on it. It is far from true. If you think so, you probably are not familiar with off road electric scooter.

Features of the structure of an off-road scooter

  • Electric scooter for off-road does not have a folding system. Unlike most urban scooters, off-road scooters do not have a folding mechanism. This is not at all because manufacturers save funds on refusing from it: there are a number of objective reasons for this. First, off-road scooters experience increased loads, and the more solid the design is, the fewer “vulnerable” places the scooter has. In addition, the dimensions of the off-road scooter, even when folded, will not become as compact as urban models.
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  • Large powerful reinforced wheels. When it comes to off-road scooters, dirt paths and sidewalks with large tile gaps, large passable wheels come to mind immediately, which classic scooters simply do not have. Still, off-road models are not just large, but also reinforced with metal rims, which is very important when riding on unpredictable roads. Sand, gravel, pebbles and even snow – all this is within the power of a deep tread pattern and durable tires.
  • Reinforced steel frame. The design is designed to carry large load differences while driving off-road. Therefore, off-road scooters are often recommended to those who weigh more than 85-90 kg.
  • V- type brakes.The V-brake allows you to stop smoothly even in the most unforeseen situation. The brake control knobs are located on the steering wheel, unlike most urban models, where the rear foot brake is present.

5 reasons to buy an off-road scooter: pros and cons of off-road scooters

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Still in doubt whether an off-road scooter is suitable for you? Find out 5 reasons of off road electric scooter from Circooter why it’s still worth taking a closer look:

  1. Off-road scooters have increased durability. Even if you weigh under 100 kg, this “heavyweight” will easily cope with the task.
  2. It will pass where a regular scooter will have to be carried. It is as comfortable as on a good mountain bike on light off-road.
  3. Good grip and, as a result, stability. The scooter is quite easy to operate due to the large contact spot of the wheels with the surface.
  4. For adults and children. The design with a height-adjustable handle bar will be convenient for all family members. You probably won’t want to share.
  5. Reliable braking system. A reliable and understandable braking system does not require any skills, and even a kid can easily figure out what’s what.

There are “disadvantages” for lovers of riding in parks with smooth asphalt:

  1. Off-road scooters are less maneuverable due to the large contact spot.
  2. They are not foldable.

As you can see, the advantages of these models are, of course, more numerous than the disadvantages. And the advantages are enough to convince those who doubted the suitability of scooters outside the city.


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