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a lot of cars on auction
Image by Unsplash+
a lot of cars on auction
Image by Unsplash+

Online car auctions offer a large selection of both new and used vehicles at good prices with the ability to search by make and model to find exactly what you are looking for.

The online platform of Car Auction is an open resource, so anyone can view all available offers. Each lot is accompanied by an inspection report of the car with a detailed description of the damage.

man is fixing something in hood of the car
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Main Customers

Who is usually a client of such a Salvage Market? They can be anyone: dealers, auto disassemblers, people who are restoring their car and they need spare parts. However, there are buyers who are looking for an inexpensive car for themselves. In principle, there is a certain reason for this:

  • First, broken cars can be much cheaper than undamaged ones.
  • Second, they may not have a mileage in the buyer’s country and for someone it is really important, because the car could be operated abroad under normal conditions and with good gasoline.
  • Third, many consider broken cars from emergency auctions to be the most honest. Initially, a broken car is a matter of chance. In any case, it may not have been planned to sell, but the accident decided everything differently. Moreover, before it, this car could receive high-quality service, proper care.
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Risks when buying such cars

Inspectors at emergency auctions prefer not to go into the nuances, but state from the damage only what is amenable to their diagnostic capabilities. No one will conduct a comprehensive check at such auctions. Therefore, if, say, there is a battered car, and it was beaten in front, and among the obvious damages only optics, radiator, suspension levers and so on are recorded, you should not believe the information received. Consequently, there is a risk of not calculating the subsequent scale of recovery and incurring additional costs.

Tips for buyers

The main thing is to correctly estimate the cost of restoration from the photos and auction reports, check the history of the car and only then place bids in accordance with the estimated purchase budget. Opt for experts!

It is also advisable to buy cars of rare brands, as well as electric cars and motorcycles at Salvage Auctions. There are a lot of lots with top-end rich equipment and leather interior.

Thanks to the work of the Internet platform of Used Car Auction, buyers have a unique opportunity to buy a broken car, bypassing any intermediaries, directly from companies. Buyers can place bids.

Successful purchase!

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