Modern Transport for Outdoor Transportation

person riding on circooter bike
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person riding on circooter bike
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Electric scooters occupy a special place among all kinds of individual transport. A large number of models allows you to use them both within the city and outside it. Off-road transport successfully overcomes any obstacles, quickly passes through sandy and clay soil, is highly maneuverable on bumps and can be used even in winter. At the same time, they are not deprived of the advantages of standard models. 

Distinguishing characteristic

An off-road electric scooter should overcome any bumps on the way. Perhaps this is the main requirement: it will shake very much on ordinary electric scooter types in the case of a broken road or rough terrain. That is why the main difference between an off-road electric scooter and any other is inflatable wheels.

The minimum wheel diameter of the best off-road electric scooters is 8 inches. Inflatable varieties improve cushioning and better neutralize any vibrations.

Large wheels with air chambers do not get stuck in the roughness of the track, they absorb shocks and vibrations well. At the same time, they are strong enough not to be afraid of an accidental knot or root.

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In off-road conditions, it is better to use electric transport with features below:

  1. Engine. Most electric scooters are equipped with brushless motors, which are characterized by reliability, long service life and high efficiency.
  2. Battery. Unlike lead-acid varieties, lithium-ion and lithium-iron-phosphate batteries have a reduced weight and longer charge retention.
  3. Frame. The body of the off-road models is made of aluminum alloy, which reduces the overall weight without affecting the strength of the structure.
  4. Suspension. The powerful air suspension guarantees smooth running, softening of impacts even when hitting a curb or hitting a pothole.
  5. Brakes. The disc hydraulics, which are installed on electric scooters, are distinguished by reliability, good grip and a high degree of safety.

The simple design of the electric scooter significantly reduces the risks of breakdowns. The more body kits, joints and welds on the device are, the more expensive it will cost to repair it.

In addition, the off road electric scooter must be:

  • Very light. As much as possible. Some part of the way you may have to carry a scooter on yourself, even 100 grams will be felt;
  • The wheels, of course, will take up much space in any case, but the frame should be small;
  • Shaking, falling are normal on a bad road. It is recommended giving preference to models with the simplest and most durable construction, without unnecessary connections and body kit. Folding mechanism is an advantage.
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Power is already a secondary characteristic: if it is higher than 300W (and this is the case on almost all models with a motor), this is already enough.

You can buy an adult electric scooter for off-road driving by submitting an application on the Circooter website. Contact the site specialists for advice and they will pick up a model for you that has all the necessary characteristics, is convenient to use and can bring you pleasure in use.

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