Basic information and principles of paintless dent removal technology

Image by Mike B from Pexels
Image by Mike B from Pexels

PDR technology (paintless dent removal) by CLINE is a method of straightening minor dents from the car body. This method can also be used when straightening body panels before painting, minimizing the use of putty.

Image by cottonbro from Pexels

Advantages of paintless dent repair technology:

  • No sanding or repainting required;
  • Doesn’t cost as much as a traditional body repair;
  • In most cases, damage can be quickly repaired;
  • There is no risk of mismatching the color of the repaired part, as the paint remains original;
  • Repair can be carried out under normal conditions.

PDR principles

To apply the PDR technology, the metal must not be stretched and the paintwork must not be damaged. However, there are techniques that allow solving the problem of even some stretching of the metal.

It is desirable that the time from the occurrence of a dent to its correction be minimal. Old dents are more difficult to squeeze out. This is due to the characteristic of the mechanical memory of the metal.

The stamped metal has a mechanical memory (especially the bulges), and the stresses created in and around the dent prevent it from returning to its original state. The task of a specialist is to remove stresses and help the metal straighten out. Visual control helps to determine the place of pressing or tapping.

PDR uses a series of gentle pressure on the reverse side of the damage to return to its original shape. Not all damage can be removed completely, but an experienced specialist can make even fairly complex damage invisible.

Image by Nordic Overdrive from Pexels

When repairing using PDR technology:

  • the repaired panel must be firmly fixed;
  • lighting and reflective panel must be configured;
  • there must be access to the reverse side of the damage;
  • must be the fulcrum of the tool;
  • it is important to carry out all actions gradually and carefully.

It is necessary to try to squeeze out a dent in several places. If it does not straighten well in one place, then you need to change the pressure zone. The main thing is that there are no traces of squeezing. The reflection of the stripes from the reflective panel helps to control the process.

When removing a dent with a PDR tool, the metal around its edges is slowly massaged and the metal slowly returns to its original state. When exposed from the edges, the dent becomes smaller and gradually disappears.

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