Ways to protect the windshield of the car

woman sitting in passengers seat of blue volkswagen иeetle
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
woman sitting in passengers seat of blue volkswagen иeetle
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

It would seem that small stones on the road can be dangerous to a huge car? However, it is enough for one of them to bounce off the wheels, and now cracks are spreading across the windshield in all directions. Not only is such a “cobweb” elementary irritating to the eye, so it is also unsafe.

The windshield can rightfully be called one of the most vulnerable places of the car. After all, even a small pebble that flew out from under the wheels of a car moving at speed threatens to turn into a chip or even a crack.

It is especially insulting to damage such glass as ADAS from Lucky Dog Auto Glass. Replacing such glass is expensive, because this glass increases the safety of the driver thanks to its technologies such as blind spot monitoring, lane change assistance, collision warning, etc. There are some ways that will protect your windshield.

water droplets on car windshield
Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash
  1. Protective film

For several years in a row, this method of protecting the windshield from falling pebbles has been gaining popularity among motorists. It is enough to go to the car service and paste a special transparent impact-resistant film on the outer surface of the glass. A similar film protects the headlights of cars. By the way, among the useful properties of this film is protection against overheating and burning out of the cabin.

This method is not expensive, unlike armored glass. However, the protective film is poorly adapted to the effects of wiper blades. Dust and sand falling on the film will be carried by brushes on the surface of the glass, thereby damaging the film. As a result, the glass will become cloudy, impairing the visibility and light transmittance of the coating. Therefore, it needs to be periodically replaced with a new one.

  1. Careful driving

The cheapest way is to drive carefully. This rule applies absolutely in any situation, and in choosing a way to protect glass from flying stones, it is also suitable! The driver, first of all, needs to minimize the probability of encountering rubble himself.

a blue car with a broken windshield
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It’s no secret that stones fly away where there are a lot of them. As a rule, special warning signs are installed in front of such areas. Therefore, when driving through rubble and other clusters of stones, it is necessary to reduce the speed and observe the interval between other road users. After all, it is better to warn the problem in advance than to change the windshield, the repair of which will cost the motorist a considerable amount.

These methods will help protect your expensive windshield from frequent replacements and cracks.

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