Problems Of A New Type Of Urban Transport

a woman rides an electric scooter in an empty parking lot
Image by Unsplash+
a woman rides an electric scooter in an empty parking lot
Image by Unsplash+

Recently, the demand for electric scooters has increased 3 times. Electric scooter is a compact vehicle that could solve the “last mile” problem.

The “last mile” is the distance you have to walk from the subway or public transport stop to your home or work. Sometimes the way from point A to point B (for example, from the subway to work) takes 15-30 minutes on foot. The same distance on a scooter can be covered 2 times faster.

How will the infrastructure change with the increasing popularity of electric scooters?

It’s hard to say, because it’s all about investment. It is necessary to create a special secure infrastructure for electric scooters and not just the tracks:

the man puts the electric scooter on charging
Photo by Varla Scooter on Unsplash
  • charging stations,
  • parking for kicksharing scooters,
  • battery replacement points,
  • collection and disposal points for batteries, etc.

And where to organize all this, when every meter of land in the city is usually regulated? The mayors of the cities have no answer to this question yet.

How do people feel about electric scooters?

The population is divided into two “camps”. Some consider electric scooters to be the “future” of megacities and support the development of this type of transport in one form or another. Others deny the benefits of using electric scooters and conservatively demand that they be banned.

Of course, the electric scooter is the future. It is convenient in the city limits: you can quickly get to the subway or train, and not jostle in the bus.

a man is taking a folded electric scooter to the subway
Photo by Yiting He on Unsplash

You can ride it in city parks, museum complexes, and tourists travelling. It’s great to rent an electric scooter and take a ride through the streets or look into places where you can hardly walk.

If you have been postponing the purchase of an electric scooter or have just started thinking about purchasing it, it’s time to decide. There is a large selection in retail.

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