Can an electric scooter replace a car?

a girl on an electric scooter carries boxes
Image by Unsplash+
a girl on an electric scooter carries boxes
Image by Unsplash+

Over the past 3-4 years, especially with the advent of bike paths in many cities, the demand for electric scooters has increased significantly. Many use them as an alternative mode of transport that allows you to go to work without traffic jams, take walks around the city or quickly get to a location located within 10-15 km. In hardware stores, you can find products from different manufacturers, but you need to focus on the technical characteristics for your safety.

Operational experience

From experience, learning to drive an electric scooter is as easy as an ordinary scooter. A good electric scooter can replace a car for traveling short and medium distances – up to 25 kilometers – or complement the functions of the car. For example, you can drive a car out of town, leave it in the parking lot and travel further on a scooter. This allows you to enjoy nature, see everything to the maximum and not get tired. We choose a comfortable speed option – and we get an ideal sightseeing walk.

a girl rides an electric scooter between the trees
Image by Unsplash+

How to use

In many models, the instruction is the same. To turn on or off the scooter, you need to hold the POWER button for about 5 seconds. The flashlight turns on by pressing the same POWER button once. The gears are switched by double pressing the POWER button.

The scooter will not move from an even place just like that – this is due to the protection of the user from the risk of accidental engine start. To start the trip, you need to push off yourself, accelerate the device to about 3 kilometers per hour, and then press the throttle lever.

a man on an electric scooter rides through a puddle
Photo by Varla Scooter on Unsplash

It is possible to ride a scooter in the rain, provided that the rain is not heavy. The protection system allows you to protect the device from water droplets, but not from jets. Thus, an electric scooter can easily cope with splashes from a puddle.

An electric scooter can rightfully be considered an excellent alternative to a car!

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