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person riding on isinwheel scooter
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person riding on isinwheel scooter
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Electric scooter is one of the most popular types of urban transport at the moment. When cities become crowded with cars and public transport, it creates a sense of some kind of freedom. Lightweight and maneuverable, it is able to travel several kilometers on sidewalk paths, creating great competition for bicycles and ordinary scooters.

Basic parameters

Over the past few years, this transport has changed a lot, which is due to numerous innovations:

  • At first, the body and steering wheel of the scooter were made of steel, but manufacturers use aluminum and even plastic.
  • The first models had a solid construction, but now it is increasingly possible to find a folding system that contributes to the convenience of transportation and storage.
  • Many scooters today have wheels made of synthetic rubber, which increases their strength and reliability.
  • In the 21st century, electric-powered vehicles have become fashionable, which have become a necessity in a big city.

The iSinwheel i9Pro electric scooter has adequate functions to have fun legally and safely. It is also worth paying attention to the s9max electric scooter version.

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Main features

There are several types of scooters, but regardless of whether it is electric or not, it always consists of the following parts:

  • Deck: it allows you to comfortably position your feet. Most often it is made of aluminum and covered with a non-slip compound.
  • Steering rack is located in the front of the scooter and is complemented by a handlebar. It provides balance and maneuverability, and also often has a folding mechanism for easy storage.
  • Wheels can be hard or soft, the same as bicycle wheels. The wider they are, the more convenient the electric scooter is, but the more power is required to move.
  • Brake is located above the rear wheel and works by friction: the wing rubs the rear wheel and slows down the transport to a complete stop.

Electric scooters, in addition to all elements above, also have one or two electric motors that allow them to move without assistance. In addition, they have an electronic controller that controls everything related to the engine, acceleration, speed, as well as autonomy and, finally, braking.

Much work in the electric scooter is done by the battery that feeds the engine and controller. The larger its capacity, the better the autonomy and heavier the transport. It can be fixed or removable and is located either at the level of the steering rack or at the deck level.

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Electric scooters are powered by electricity, so they need regular recharging. It can take about 8-12 hours, although many new products reduce this time to 1-3 hours.

The model iSinwheel S9Pro electric scooter is one of the few with built-in shock absorbers.

So, buy it and enjoy a ride on your scooter around the city and out in the country!

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