What happens to my car if I run out of AdBlue?


Running out of AdBlue while driving will reduce your engine’s power and performance to limp home mode. In addition, if the truck stops, it will not restart until you add AdBlue. Meanwhile, before the AdBlue finishes, your car’s dashboard will show you signs and warnings. 

The car starts warning when the AdBlue in the tank remains about 1500 miles. Also, the consumption of AdBlue in your car will vary from that of others. On average, a car consumes one liter of AdBlue every 600 miles. Read and learn more about AdBlue. Moreover, to discover the AdBlue reference site click here.

Will AdBlue cause any damage to your car if you add it to your diesel?

Take note that AdBlue is not a fuel additive. Also, if you put the AdBlue directly into your fuel tank, it will cause serious damage to your fuel pump and injection system. 

If you are lucky enough to realize the mistake before starting your car engine, it may not cause any damage. However, you need to flush your fuel tank thoroughly, or it could cause damage when you start the car. Therefore, adding AdBlue to a diesel will damage your car engine and other components. 

The purpose of using an AdBlue

The major function of an AdBlue is to turn the ammonia and carbon dioxide into harmless nitrogen and water. In other words, AdBlue is mainly used to reduce the harmful emissions from your car exhaust. Meanwhile, an AdBlue is not blue but colorless. 


Some people think that an AdBlue is a fuel additive. An AdBlue is designed to reduce the carbon emissions from your car. Not to mention, the AdBlue has a separate tank, so you don’t need to mix it with your fuel.

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