How to Choose Spare Parts for a Car

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Every novice car enthusiast wonders how to choose spare parts for a car, for example, ford parts uk. This is not a simple matter, since if the wrong choice is made, the owner of the car can suffer big losses, or even his car can even cause a traffic accident with all the ensuing consequences.
And since we are talking about the life of the driver, other road users, freedom and money, there is no need to make mistakes with the choice of elements for the vehicle. Therefore, in this article we will tell you in detail which spare parts are worth buying and which ones you should avoid.
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What spare parts to buy – original or analog?

All parts on the market are divided into two types:
Original. Products are manufactured directly at automaker factories or at companies that have received special licenses from them. Such spare parts, for example Vauxhall parts, can be identified by their branding and unique number.
The parts are completely identical to those elements that were originally on the car. They are distinguished by high quality, reliability, long service life and protection against counterfeiting. However, when ordering, you usually have to wait quite a long time for them, and the price for them is usually very high.
Analog. The specified parts are not original. They are produced by companies that are in no way associated with official car manufacturers. They attract consumers with their low price and wide selection.
Buying analog parts is like playing the lottery. You can get very good parts that will not be inferior in quality to the original elements, or you can purchase a product that either will not initially fit the car, or will create problems for other parts, and will gradually damage other elements.
The answer to the question of what spare parts to buy will consist of an analysis of the financial capabilities of the car owner. If you need to purchase a cheaper part, then it is better, of course, to buy an analog spare part, but first consult with repairmen which manufacturing companies you should trust.
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Which spare parts to choose – new or used?

According to the degree of wear, all parts for a car can be of two types:

New. It is profitable to buy new spare parts. They have not been used, so their service life is quite impressive. However, such parts are usually expensive, and they take some time to arrive. In addition, due to defects (if you decide to purchase non-original products), they can be used to harm the car.
Used. Used spare parts are usually purchased at a car disassembly. That is, if the car has become unusable for various reasons, then some parts can be removed from it and used on other similar cars. Such spare parts are inexpensive and most often are original.
In addition, this is a great opportunity to purchase elements for old car models, new parts for which are no longer produced. And in general, used spare parts are usually bought for cars that are far from new, since new parts still won’t reach their full service life. It should also be said that there is no need to wait long for these products when ordering. However, the degree of wear and tear on used spare parts can be high.
If you want to combine a low purchase price and its quality, then the best answer to the question of how to choose spare parts is the option of purchasing used parts. But only from reliable companies that provide a guarantee for used products and have a good reputation in the market.
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