What was the price range of the Ford Popular?

Ford Popular 100E
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The Ford Popular, also known as the Ford 8 or Model Y, was a highly popular car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Produced between 1932 and 1937, it was an affordable vehicle designed to appeal to the masses during a time when car ownership was still a luxury in many parts of the world.

Despite being a basic and utilitarian vehicle, the Ford Popular gained immense popularity due to its affordability and durability. When it was first introduced in 1932, the price range for a brand new Ford Popular was around £100. This made it one of the most economical cars on the market at the time, opening up car ownership to a wider audience.

The Ford Popular underwent a few changes and upgrades during its production period, and subsequently, its price range varied slightly. However, it remained a relatively inexpensive option compared to other models. By 1935, the cost of a new Ford Popular ranged between £100 and £130, depending on the optional features chosen.

To put this into perspective, the average weekly wage for a British worker in 1932 was around £3. This shows that the Ford Popular offered an affordable means of transportation, allowing more people to enter the world of car ownership.

One reason for the affordability of the Ford Popular was its design philosophy. It was built using inexpensive materials and kept minimalistic in terms of features and amenities. This allowed Ford to keep the cost low while maintaining the necessary reliability and functionality. It had a simple steel body, basic interior trim, and an 8 horsepower engine that provided sufficient power for everyday driving.

The affordability and reliability of the Ford Popular made it a common sight on British roads in the 1930s. Its popularity stayed strong throughout its production run, and it became one of the most recognizable car models of the time. It was often referred to as the “Ford 8” due to its horsepower rating and wide acceptance among the public.

Despite being a relatively inexpensive car, the Ford Popular provided dependable performance and ease of maintenance. It became a favorite among working-class families and individuals who needed a practical and economical mode of transportation.

In conclusion, the Ford Popular was offered at a price range of around £100 to £130 during its production period from 1932 to 1937. Its affordability and reliability made it a widely popular choice among car buyers, bringing car ownership within reach for many people. Its impact on the automotive industry and society as a whole during the 1930s cannot be overstated, and it remains a classic and iconic vehicle of its time.

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