What were some popular promotional or advertising campaigns for the Ford Capri?

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The Ford Capri was a remarkable car that captivated the hearts of car enthusiasts during its production years from 1968 to 1986. This sporty coupe not only delivered outstanding performance but also became a cultural icon, often associated with fast-paced lifestyles and the spirit of freedom. To help build its image and attract customers, Ford launched several memorable promotional and advertising campaigns that played a significant role in establishing the car’s popularity.

One of the most notable promotional campaigns for the Ford Capri was the collaboration with popular British television series, The Professionals. In the late 1970s, Ford sponsored the show, featuring the Ford Capri as the iconic transportation for the lead characters, Bodie and Doyle. This strategic partnership resulted in extensive exposure for the Capri, aligning the car with the cool and adventurous nature of the TV series. The combination of thrilling car chases and the Ford Capri’s sleek design had a profound impact on its popularity and sales.

Another remarkable advertising campaign for the Ford Capri was centered around the concept of escapism. Ford firmly believed that the Capri had the power to transport its drivers away from their everyday routine, giving them the freedom to explore new horizons. The company crafted visual advertisements showcasing the car in picturesque settings such as coastal roads, mountain ranges, and bustling cityscapes. These ads aimed to evoke a sense of adventure and encourage potential customers to break free from the monotony of their daily lives by owning a Ford Capri.

Furthermore, Ford launched a highly successful campaign for the Ford Capri 2.8 Injection model in the 1980s, drawing inspiration from the world of rock music. The advertisement featured the classic hit song “Get It On” by T.Rex playing along with dynamic visuals of the car in action. This campaign capitalized on the rebellious and energetic nature of the Ford Capri, targeting a younger and more spirited demographic. By associating the car with the vibrant rock music scene of the time, Ford captured the imagination of prospective buyers who sought a thrilling driving experience that mirrored their musical tastes.

In addition to these specific campaigns, Ford also leveraged traditional advertising mediums such as print media, billboards, and television commercials to promote the Ford Capri. The company emphasized the car’s elegant design, superior performance, and affordability, making it an appealing option for a wide range of customers. The advertisements often highlighted key features such as the striking body shape, powerful engines, and comfortable interiors, effectively capturing the attention of potential buyers.

Overall, the promotional and advertising campaigns surrounding the Ford Capri played a crucial role in establishing the car’s popularity and desirability. Through strategic partnerships with popular TV series, campaigns focused on escapism, and associations with rock music, Ford successfully positioned the Capri as a symbol of freedom, adventure, and excitement. These marketing efforts not only elevated the car’s status but also ensured its enduring legacy in the automotive industry.

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