Where to use CGI graphics?

Where to use CGI graphics
Image by Peggy_Marco from Pixabay

Thousands of films that use CGI graphics are released every year. It first appeared in the movie «Westworld», released in 1973, and today it can be found in almost every movie or TV series. Often it can be found in those frames from a movie or advertisement where there is a car, especially a rarity that no longer functions, and beautiful antique shots need to be removed. The landscape in such frames is just the CGI backgrounds, and the shooting itself takes place in the studio. Even if you can’t find such a car, it can also be created using CGI technology.

CGI is static or dynamic images created using three-dimensional computer graphics. They are used not only in cinema, but also in fine art, print, as well as on television and in games.

As in movies, CGI graphics in advertising are needed in order to make the picture more vivid and interesting. Visual effects are just as important as creative solutions. Graphics and effects, depending on the tasks being solved, can enhance, complement or weaken the perception of certain components of the composition.

In addition to the above, CGI backdrops can also be used when designing websites, or in order to present your product in the best light and how to use it in life, for clarity.

CGI graphics have great potential, and this market is only expanding thanks to new technologies.

CGI graphics is an opportunity to add realistic 3D animation to a movie or advertisement using various software tools. Today, computer graphics are used in almost all movies, commercials, and even in ordinary signage.

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