Which Blinds should you Choose for a Motorhome

Which Blinds should you Choose for a Motorhome
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Windows in motorhomes perform an important function. As in any house, light and fresh air enter the salon through them. But it is important to think about the inside of the windows in motorhomes, because it has an equally important function.

Blinds in motorhomes, campers

Inside the motorhome, the windows are equipped with a frame with an anti-mosquito net and a blackout blinds. Its task is to block the sunlight in the heat and reduce heat loss in winter. Usually they are always standard size, but you can always order bespoke plantation shutters so that the blinds accurately perform their function and please you.

The mechanism of opening blinds in motorhomes is different, but most often these are two rollers at the top, on which the blinds are wound. When it is necessary to close the window on the mosquito net, then you need to pull the latter down, it is unwound and fixed in the lowest position. The blackout, or thermo-curtain, can be fixed in several positions.

Blinds in motorhomes
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There is also an option when a roller with an anti–mosquito net is placed on top, and with a darkening curtain – from below.

If you order window shutters installation which be a more expensive version of the blinds for a motorhome, you will not have rollers or springs, which makes such blinds easier to use and durable. Down and up, both blinds are folded into accordion. With careful use, such blinds will serve for a long time.

Tips on the proper use of blinds in a motorhome

  • If your blinds are screwed on rollers, then try not to leave them closed unnecessarily, otherwise the springs will weaken and will not twist the curtains back.
  • It is quite difficult to spoil the curtains, but sometimes they can be severely deformed by a draft. Do not close an open window with a blackout curtain.
  • During cooking, do not close the kitchen window with an anti-mosquito curtain, it may melt or get dirty from splashes. It will be difficult to launder.
  • Pleated curtains are very vulnerable to touch. If you remember once, they will no longer look like new. Teach your children and loved ones to take care of the curtains in the motorhome. Buying new ones will be very expensive.
Tips on the proper use of blinds
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The choice of blinds for a motorhome or camper does not differ much from the choice of blinds for a house, perhaps the choice is not as wide as for a house. But you will still always be able to find the option that suits you, because every year the theme of motorhomes and campers is becoming more popular, which means that the supply of accessories to them is growing.

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