Reasons to Love and Hate Land Rover Freelander 2

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay
Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

When the first car named Freelander appeared in the Land Rover lineup, the automotive community unanimously expressed bewilderment: why did the company that produces kings of SUVs need to spoil its karma and produce something with an independent suspension, but without a frame and branded permanent all-wheel drive? But when the second generation of the model was born, no one asked such questions.

Like any car, this car has pros and cons.  Well, let’s talk about Land Rover freelander 2 problems and 2 benefits.

Image by Kipras Zabeliauskas from Pexels

Small space in the back

Despite its decent size, adults do not have enough legroom in the back. But few models will allow you to install three child seats here at once.

No investment in materials

Finishing materials of average quality. The steering wheel after a real 140 thousand km looks shabby, and a few years later the headlight glazing becomes cloudy.

A very large key has the same problems as finishing materials: it loses its presentation extremely quickly.

black SUV running on dune san
Photo by Jose Carbajal on Unsplash

Ease of control

Rejoice on a smooth highway like a billiard table: the tandem of a turbodiesel and a six-speed “automatic” is great! Thrust is juicy in the 2000-4000 rpm range and gives you moments of exhilarating acceleration from medium speeds. The box indulges the emotional outbursts of the engine, pampering the driver with almost instantaneous responses to fuel supply, predictable and fast work. Freelander willingly descends the gear ladder even with a slight movement of the accelerator.

Off-road potential

Ground clearance 210 mm, approach and departure angles 31 and 34° respectively, ford depth 500 mm, short overhangs, wheelbase 2660 mm – excellent off-road potential for a compact crossover.

Freelander is very relevant in the era of non-alternative toll roads, and for those who are not alien to camping romance, it charges with calmness and self-confidence.


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