Which models preceded the Jaguar 420?

Jaguar 420
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The Jaguar 420 is considered one of the iconic models produced by the prestigious British automotive company, Jaguar. Introduced in 1966, the 420 was a major development in Jaguar’s sedan offerings during the mid-1960s. However, the 420 did not appear in the market out of the blue. It was essentially a continuation and improvement over previous Jaguar models. So, which models preceded the Jaguar 420?

Before the 420 model came onto the scene, there were two significant Jaguar models that held sway on the road, namely the Jaguar Mark 2 and the Jaguar S-Type. Let’s take a look at these two predecessor models that paved the way for the Jaguar 420.

1. Jaguar Mark 2: Introduced in 1959, the Jaguar Mark 2 model was a marvel in its own right. It was a medium-sized saloon car and marked a significant step up from Jaguar’s 2.4 and 3.4 litre models produced between 1955 and 1959, commonly known as Mark 1. The Mark 2 had three engine options of 2.4, 3.4, and 3.8 litres, the latter being the most powerful and popular one. It became prominent for its robust capability, luxurious design, and excellent speed. Moreover, it was a four-door model with elegant curves, slim chrome bumpers, an upgraded suspension, and a disc braking system, which added a high level of refinement.

2. Jaguar S-Type: The Jaguar S-Type, produced between 1963 and 1968, followed the Mark 2. The S-Type was an upscale version of the Mark II, offering more luxury and improved performance. It featured new rear bodywork, a more luxurious interior and other upgrades. The car was fitted with either a 3.4 or 3.8-litre XK engine – the latter delivering a significantly higher performance. The S-Type also introduced a comfortable independent rear suspension which improved the ride experience.

Both these models allowed Jaguar to maintain a strong market position in the 1960s, each contributing to the Jaguar heritage in their unique ways. However, it was the introduction of the Jaguar 420 that would combine the best features of the Mark 2 and the S-Type, making it a more refined and powerful saloon car.

Introduced at the London Motor Show in October 1966, the Jaguar 420 was essentially a larger, more powerful and luxurious version of the Jaguar S-Type. The angular frontal styling was reminiscent of the Mark X and the modifications in engine advanced the car’s performance significantly. The 420 continued to use the dual-circuit four-wheel disc brakes and independent rear suspension from the S-Type.

In conclusion, both the Jaguar Mark 2 and the Jaguar S-Type played a significant role in shaping the future of the Jaguar 420. The 420 took many of the best features of both models, combining performance with luxury and comfort in a unique package. As such, understanding these preceding models allows a greater appreciation for how the Jaguar 420 represents a significant point in Jaguar’s vehicle development. This appreciation for heritage, constantly building upon previous successes, has helped maintain Jaguar’s respected position in automotive history.

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