Are there any special editions of the Jaguar XK150?

Jaguar XK150
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As a prime example of classic British motoring elegance, the Jaguar XK150 has long seduced both car enthusiasts and collectors with its sleek design and powerful performance. Over the years, and as it further established its iconic status, various special editions of the XK150 were introduced. In this article, we delve into the uniqueness of these special editions.

When the XK150 was first introduced in 1957, it was seen as a more modern and refined version of the previous XK120 and XK140 models. The most obvious modifications were the more substantial front and rear bumpers with overriders, and a curved one-piece windscreen. However, Jaguar didn’t stop there, they further refined the model and launched exclusive XK150 versions which still command high prices in collector’s circles today.

To start with, the “S” or Special Equipment models stand out. There were two main versions produced, depending on the market: the domestic UK model and the American export model. The “S” in the UK signified upgraded features such as wire wheels, twin exhausts, and fog lights. On the other hand, the American export model integrated high-performance specifications including a revised cylinder head with bigger exhaust and intake valves, and three two-inch SU HD8 carburetors which resulted in an increase of the power output to 250 bhp.

Furthermore, in 1959, Jaguar introduced the XK150 Drophead Coupe (DHC), a convertible version that added yet another layer of luxury and exclusivity to the XK150 range with its power-assisted hood. This variant of the car emphasized the gracefulness that Jaguars are renowned for, with the retractable roof offering an open-air driving experience that resonated well with buyers seeking both elegance and thrill.

Arguably, the rarest and most exclusive version of the XK150 is the 3.8S Roadster. It is powered by a larger 3.8-litre engine that significantly exceeds the performance of the original XK150. With only around 36 models of this particular car ever crafted, the 3.8S Roadster represents the peak of the XK150 evolution and remains highly sought after by collectors today.

One cannot speak of special Jaguar XK150 editions without mentioning the limited-production XK150 “E” or “SE” models. These had enhanced features and performance such as disc brakes and a more refined suspension which provided better handling. One could argue that the “E” stands for evolution, as these models pioneered several improvements that were incorporated into subsequent sportscars.

In conclusion, while the Jaguar XK150 in its original form is undeniably a notable piece of automotive history, these special editions raised the bar on what a sports car could be. They represent not only the innovative spirit of Jaguar in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, but also the meticulous detail and pursuit of perfection that continues to define the brand to this day. Whether it’s the refined performance of the “S” models, the open-air elegance of the DHC, or the sheer exclusivity of the 3.8S Roadster, the special editions of the Jaguar XK150 consistently deliver on the promise of unparalleled luxury and performance.

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