Your Car Key Is Broken: What to Do?

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Quite often, a small damage can lead to a big problem. This is true just about the ignition key of your car. If it is broken, you will not start the car without car key replacement.

Key blade

It is the most obvious and fairly simple problem. It can:

  • bend over,
  • twist,
  • break up,
  • fall off from the key body.

Such damage is repaired very easily by cutting a new blade. The blade is then inserted into the old case, if it is well preserved, or into a new one.

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The attachment of the blade of the flip-out car key is broken

In this case, it seems obvious that you just need to glue the attachment point of the blade to the body. Still, this is usually not enough. The best solution is to replace the flip-out housing. All the insides of the old key are inserted into this new case. After such repair, the device works as new.

All kinds of breakdowns of the key buttons

The solution depends on the level of damage. In the simplest case, you can do with a banal replacement of rubber buttons. In a more complex version, re-soldering of chips is required.

The key gets stuck in the ignition lock or does not even turn

Most likely, this situation is provoked by pronounced wear of the key, when bends are erased, cutting angles change, and the evenness of the blade is lost. In this case, it is necessary to manufacture a new blade or an entire auto key.

Failure of the electronic mechanism of the car key

There are two ways to solve this problem:

  1. diagnose and find the problem point, which can then be repaired,
  2. replace the entire key case with a new one along with the electronic mechanism.
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The car does not start, but there is no visible damage of the key and lock

This problem is quite complicated and requires careful diagnosis and verification of all key elements` operability. First of all, it is a chip, a transponder, buttons, a board, a microcircuit. After repairing the electronic mechanism, transponder programming may be necessary, as well as synchronization of the key and the car.

No matter how difficult repair of a car key is, only experienced specialists can handle it.

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