What were some of the optional extras available for the Silver Shadow?

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
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The Silver Shadow is undoubtedly one of the most iconic luxury cars ever produced by Rolls-Royce. It was manufactured from 1965 to 1980 and swiftly became the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Alongside its impeccable design and innovative engineering, the Silver Shadow offered an array of optional extras that further enhanced its appeal to discerning buyers. Let’s delve into some of the most coveted extra features available for this legendary vehicle.

1. Electric Division Glass: One of the standout optional extras for the Silver Shadow was the electrically operated division glass, which separated the rear passenger cabin from the driver’s compartment. This feature allowed passengers to adjust the level of privacy they desired with just the push of a button.

2. Air Conditioning: To ensure optimal comfort for occupants, the Silver Shadow provided an optional air conditioning system. This feature was a game-changer, allowing for a pleasant atmosphere regardless of external weather conditions.

3. Cocktail Cabinet: Perfect for individuals who wanted to indulge in a spot of entertainment while on the move, the Silver Shadow offered the choice to include a sophisticated cocktail cabinet. Fitted with crystal glasses, a decanter, and a refrigerator, this addition allowed passengers to enjoy their favorite beverages on the go.

4. Picnic Tables: Another optional extra that added convenience and functionality to the Silver Shadow was the deployment of picnic tables in the rear passenger compartment. These sturdy yet elegant tables could be folded down when not in use, providing an ideal surface for working or dining while traveling.

5. Sunroof: The inclusion of a sunroof, which could be electrically operated, was a popular choice among buyers. This feature allowed for fresh air and natural light to enter the cabin, enriching the overall driving experience.

6. Customized Interior: Buyers were given the opportunity to personalize their Silver Shadows by selecting from an array of luxurious interior finishes and upholstery materials. From Connolly leather seats to rare wood veneers, the customization options were plentiful, ensuring the car matched the unique taste and style of its owner.

7. Luggage Set: Recognizing the importance of travel for the Silver Shadow’s affluent owners, Rolls-Royce offered an optional fitted luggage set. Custom-made to match the interior of the vehicle, this bespoke luggage added a touch of class and provided ample storage space for those long journeys.

8. Power Windows: In a time when power windows were still a novelty, the Silver Shadow provided the option to equip the car with this luxury. This feature brought added convenience, making it effortless for both the driver and passengers to control the windows with just the touch of a button.

9. Lucas Electronic Fuel Injection System: As technology evolved, Rolls-Royce introduced the Lucas Electronic Fuel Injection System as an optional extra for the Silver Shadow. This system enhanced the car’s performance by providing optimum fuel injection control, improved throttle response, and reduced emissions.

10. Automatic Transmission: Although not technically an extra feature, the Silver Shadow was fitted with an automatic transmission as standard. This was a remarkable innovation at the time, ensuring effortless gear changes and smooth performance, further solidifying the car’s reputation as a driver’s dream.

The optional extras available for the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow were a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing a truly bespoke experience for their customers. Whether it was enhancing comfort, convenience, or personalization, these extras showcased Rolls-Royce’s attention to detail and unwavering pursuit of luxury and excellence. Even though the Silver Shadow era may be long gone, the allure of these features and the remarkable craftsmanship that went into them will forever live on in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts.

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